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PS4 Remote Play 2.0.0 APK Download by PlayStation Mobile Inc

Gaming enthusiasts all over the world have been blessed with the new innovation from Sony which allows them to play on their PS4 system using their Android devices. The amazing tool that allows you to do this is called the PS4 remote play. Initially, the PS4 remote play was developed only to be used on Sony phones. However, recently a developer has created a version of the PS4 remote play which allows other smartphone users to port the app on to their Android devices. This means that users of other smartphone brands (other than Sony) can also enjoy the wireless gaming experience on their PS4 using the PS4 remote play.

To enjoy a wireless PS4 gaming experience, you will require a PS4 remote play app download of the file from your web browser. You can use your Dual Shock 4 controllers to connect your Android phone to your PS4 systems and play wirelessly.

Here are the system requirements for PS4 remote play apk download:

  1. A computer; Windows PC or Mac
  2. A PS4 gaming system
  3. An Android device with a system update of 4.4 (kit kat) or higher
  4. Root access (this is optional)
  5. Custom recovery installed (also optional)
  6. Remote play port apk (which you will need to download)

How to use the PS4 remote play on your Android device without root method (without Dual Shock 4 controller):

How to use the PS4 remote play on your Android device with root method (using the Dual Shock 4 controller):

There is also a manual method for PS4 remote play app download on your Android device, however, that method is very long and quite difficult to follow. Using the two methods mentioned above, you can easily download the PS4 remote play apk on your Android devices such as your mobile phone or your tablet and use your Android device you control and navigate your game on your PS4. Sometimes, you simply don’t want to be tied down by the wires and controllers of your PS4 system. For those times when you just want to sit back and relax, put your feet up on your bed or couch and play the games on your PS4 system, this amazing application will come to your rescue. You can even pair up your Android device with your Dual Shock 4 controllers and enjoy a completely wireless, immersive gaming experience on your PS4 system. No more messy wires and huge controllers! Enjoy your new gaming experience on your PS4 system with PS4 remote play!